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Your Questions Answered - We understand there is a lot of information circulating in the community and we want to make sure you are getting the cold hard facts! The questions below will help dispel some common myths and hopefully create a better understanding of the project we are proposing. We will frequently update this page with popular questions received from the closely monitored “Contact Us” form submissions. Please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Does the university own this property?

This development has no official relationship with the university. However, as in all of our developments, we welcome responsible students to our community and we will coordinate with the off-campus housing department at University of Miami as part of our leasing efforts.

Is this property going to be dorms for the university?

No, this will not be a university dormitory. Uncommon Miami is proposed to be a private, off-campus apartment community offering high-quality residences that are individually rented, with no sharing of bathrooms or bedrooms. While the community is expected to draw students and young professionals because of its accessible, near-campus location, it will be open to all renters.

Will the introduction of this new development affect the well-being of the community?

The neighborhood currently has many students renting houses and filling them above capacity, which is creating a parking and noise issue for residents. The goal of our proposed property is to move students away from the neighborhood housing and into safe, professionally managed residences closer to campus. With state-of-the-art security features, best-in-class services and a full suite of amenities, Uncommon Miami is designed to help those students living in the community thrive academically and socially.

How many units are proposed?

RU4 zoning allows for a total of 204 units. The plans originally submitted to the county were designed to conform to RU4 zoning and included a mix of unit types ranging from studios to five-bedroom floor plans. We are currently working with the community on the configuration of the building and expect the unit count to decrease as a result of that process.

Is this property currently restricted by a covenant?

All projects within this district of unincorporated Miami-Dade County are set up through a site plan approval process that results in a covenant. In order to build a new project that differs from the existing site plan approval, all properties must go through this new site plan approval process prior to obtaining permits and starting construction. This is the process we are currently engaged in with the county and community stakeholders.

How will this development affect traffic?

Our proposal includes a service street internal to the property that will be used for all incoming parking, loading, deliveries and ride-share services. This street will be one-way going north from 60th Street to 58th Terrace and will only allow right turns toward 57th Street to manage traffic flow around the property and surrounding neighborhood. CA is also working with the university to provide shuttle service to campus. In addition, nearby public transportation is expected to minimize residents’ use of personal vehicles, which will be stored in the on-site parking structure.

Will residents be parking on the streets?

The proposed development offers more than 400 on-site parking spaces for residents and visitors, which will prevent spillover to the neighborhood streets. The secure garage is concealed on three full sides that face public streets.

Will this property offer short term leases (Airbnb)?

No, short-term leases will not be allowed. All units in the proposed development will be leased individually through standard 6-month to 24-month agreements. Additionally, on-site property management diligently monitors home-sharing sites and visitors to prevent violation of such lease terms.

What green intiatives are being utilized?

The extensive setbacks on the street frontage will be used as neighborhood greenways with a substantial tree canopy providing shade to the building and pedestrians. We also plan to install Energy Star appliances, reduced-flow plumbing fixtures, efficient mechanical cooling systems, occupancy light sensors, energy-generating fitness equipment and solar panels on the roof.

How do I stay informed with the construction progress?

The "Project Info" page provides an in-depth overview of the proposal and construction schedule. Once construction commences, you will also be able to view construction progress updates by visiting this website, including a live feed from the site. Additional information can be found in the “In the News” tab, which will feature news stories about Uncommon Miami.

Who do I call if I have a noise complaint or other on-site problem?

This building will have on-site property management on call 24/7. Once the building is opened, a public phone number will be provided where you can connect with the on-site property management team.

How will this Project effect my property assessments?

Our experience is that new developments often correlate to a rise in property values as a neighborhoods becomes even more desirable to live in.